Robert and Anthony Barham were both born in the city of Camden, New Jersey. Their reputation extends globally as they’ve collectively excelled in all genres and styles of music.

Robert and Anthony first landed a recording deal with the legendary Henry Stone’s Hot/Atlantic Records in Miami, FL. A few years later, they went on to mentor, then sign with, legendary writer and production team Gamble and Huff (TSOP). As artists, writers and producers with Philadelphia International Records, they would go on to create great music and record for many of greats. Their impressive resume also includes working with countless artists and producers from Mtume, The Dells, Timbaland, The Cross Movement, and many more.

They’ve spent a lot of time gathering information from publisher Connie Haglar and lawyer Philip Asbury Esq. in the Mighty Three Music Publishing offices.

This is where they were able to perfect their knowledge of copyrighting and music licensing, and eventually administrating, publishing and releasing their own works.

Robert and Anthony have been professionally active since 1989. Their remarkable journey to becoming award-winning music producers definitely had humble beginnings. These experienced music producers and musicians, have forged a long history in recording, film, video, music supervision, music for art installations, and other uses.

They are the founding partners of Unique Style Publishing (TM).


  • Grammy Award nominations (2008, 2009)
  • Dove Award nominations (2008, 2009)
  • Stellar Award nominations (2008, 2009)
  • Stellar Award Winner (2009)
  • The Recording Academy (NARAS) Voting Member (2008-Present)
  • Chase Street Drama Series – Music Supervisors and Scoring (2016)



USP Specializes in the music and new media/streaming business: We closely get involved with the song writers, composers, arrangers, musicians, and record producers.



Unique Style Publishing (USP) has the experience and knowledge to develop song writers, music producers, and audio engineers. USP has over 28 years of experience in all areas of entertainment, signing major deals as writers, producers and artists. USP has multiple Grammy, and Dove nominations, and are a Stellar Award winner. Our success, and experience, gives our company the qualifications to instruct our clients in what’s needed to excel to the next level in all areas of the entertainment industry. USP continues to support and invest in our clients. Giving us the top results in client relations. USP provides A&R, artist development, and music theory IT services. USP will always look for the best talent worldwide. Our state of the art 5.1 recording studio called the D ROOM, provides clients with the opportunity to sonically compete in the music business.


USP staff has over 50 years’ experience of publishing experience. USP issues licensing for the use of the catalogued songs they represent and collect licensing royalties. This work is usually referred to as the administration of a song. USP administers, copyrights, catalogues and licenses all intellectual properties with societies like Harry Fox (SESAC), Sound Exchange, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, and RIAA.



USP believes community service is a must. We will launch a program called the Butcher Project for under-privileged kids from the age of 8-16 interested to engaging in all aspects of the music business, from song writing, programming, production, engineering, music theory, physics, information technology, administration, and much more.

We all deserve a chance to do what our soul desires. USP wants to pay that reality forward to our clients.


For over 2 decades Unique Style Publishing (TM) has shared information technology… and always will.


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